About Us

We are the only Scout Group based within Corsham, Wiltshire though there are others nearby in Neston, Box, Colerne and several in Chippenham.  We provide a high quality, progressive programme of adventurous and other activities to support the development of young people.  We are a thriving, popular group, which offers Scouting for boys and girls.

  • Beaver Scouts, aged 6-8 years, meet on a Tuesday evening
  • Cub Scouts, aged 8-10½  years, meet on a Thursday evening
  • Sea Scouts, aged 10½-14 years, meet on a Monday evening

Scouting for those aged 14-18 years, is available through the Sea Squad Explorer Scout Unit, which we work very closely with.  For those aged over 18, who still want to be part of the fun, we’re always keen to talk with potential helpers or leaders.

Like all Scout Groups, our activities are provided on a voluntary basis.  None of the adults involved gets paid.  Nevertheless, we have a considerable expenditure to cover in order to be able to offer the programme we do.  The costs of running the buildings we own, providing the programme for young people, training adult leaders etc. is met though membership subscriptions.  Currently we have two levels of subscription:

  • Beaver Scouts pay £36, three times a year – due in September, January and April.
  • Cubs and Sea Scouts pay £45, three times a year – due in September, January and April.

In all cases, subscriptions should be paid to your child’s section leader.  Cheques payable to 1st Corsham Scout Group.

We operate from two locations – Scout Headquarters in the town and a boathouse, located in woodland adjacent to the nearby lake, on land owned by the Corsham Estate.