Royal Navy recognition

We offer an exciting, adventurous programme, which tries to bring the best of modern Scouting with a touch of tradition.  Within that, we cover a wide range of outdoor and other adventurous activities, as you would expect of any scout group.

In addition, we specialise in the provision of water activities and our Scout Troop and linked Explorer Scout Unit are Sea Scouts and Explorer Sea Scouts.  What that means in reality, depends on the age of the young people and their determination to get involved.  It can start with canoeing or raft building at the lake in Corsham.  Ultimately it might lead to gaining qualifications in sailing and the experience necessary to sail a dinghy confidently in coastal locations around the UK, or even at competitions overseas.  We operate a substantial fleet of boats, including sailing dinghies, canoes, kayaks and a couple of power boats.

The Scout Association and the Royal Navy operate a recognition scheme, through which high quality Sea Scout provision is recognised and rewarded.  The number of recognised groups is limited to around 100 in the UK and there is real prestige associated with being in that number.  Standards are checked at regular inspections by an officer of the Royal Navy.

Groups that achieve this recognition can provide their members with the opportunity to take part in national Sea Scout events, such an annual swimming gala and football competition.  These are run at RN establishments and give the opportunity to meet and compete against Scouts from across the country.  In some cases, there may be an opportunity to experience living for a short time on board a ship.  Groups are also able to apply for grant funding to support the running of a high quality programme.

Corsham Scout Group has been recognised in this way since March 2010 and successfully passed its most recent RN inspection in June 2019.