The Scout Group is thriving and places for young people in each section are in high demand.  We’re the largest Scout Group in the local area, by some margin, but despite this we can’t find a place for everyone who’d like to join.  We know that will be disappointing for those who don’t get to be part of the fun and we’re sorry for that.  We’d like nothing more than to be able to provide a place for everyone, but practical considerations – physical space, available nights of the week and levels of adult leadership – prevent it.

The best chance of securing a place in Beavers is to ensure your child’s details are recorded with us really early.  Currently, those registering for a place when their child is age 3 or below can be sure of securing a place.

To add your young child’s name to the Beaver waiting list, please use the Joining Form below.

However we do always have places in the Sea Scout section of the group. If you would like to join Sea Scouts then add your details on to the joining enquiry page and it will be sent to the Scout Leaders.

For details of how we allocate spaces in our sections, please refer to our Admissions Policy.

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